By Heidi Sokka

Here’s a little story of a wonderful spiritual seeker who came in contact with us online and travelled all the way to India from Spain. She didn’t know anyone else here, but wanted to experience the life of an inner transformation and learn about the remarkable spiritual wisdom this land bestows.

Maider had a calling to know more about India and learn about Yoga, and what would be a better place for that than Rishikesh, the Yoga capital of the world? While googling she found our website, got connected with Hare Krsna Das and Heidi, and very soon she was already planning her trip and booking the flights!

Last month she arrived in Mumbai and directly came to our ISKCON Chowpatty – Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Temple ashram where we were welcoming her. She stayed there for four wonderful days, right from the beginning attending to all the programs and starting to learn japa, mantra meditation, with great eagerness to dive deeper on her path. Meeting wonderful devotees, having association of our spiritual teacher HH Radhanath Swami Maharaja, celebrating a holy festival of Narsimha Chaturdashi, having inspirational talks daily by our Hare Krsna prabhu and also little adventures outside as it was her first time in India!

After the time spent in Chowpatty she travelled to Govardhan Ecovillage to do her yoga teacher training in Govardhan School of Yoga. Living in an ashram atmosphere and getting guided by the wonderful teachers there, she had an experience of a lifetime. From Govardhan Eco Village she came to Rishikesh, where we were again waiting! It was a wonderful reunion after a few weeks, and she came to stay at Heidi’s place for our ‘Bhakti Yoga Experience’ program.

Everyday she was attending the ashram programs, practicing mantra meditation, eating prasadam – sanctified vegetarian food, learning about Bhakti philosophy, visiting the Holy places in Rishikesh and attending our yoga classes. Getting inspired by kirtans and early morning japa walks by the Ganga and meeting many new friends in Rishikesh! In all species as it happens here in India.

On the last day before her leaving, we had a beautiful goodbye -kirtan at Heidi’s place. She left with many books and gifts to remind her of India and the experiences here and to share that with her family and friends as well. She shared her experience and feelings of gratitude with all of us;

”I had a very strong calling to inquire about spirituality and on my path I found Hare Krsna Das, Heidi Sokka and Bhakti Yoga; a huge discovery for my western mind. After a month and a half in India, deepening my true nature, many times lost and confused, but with the faith of being on the Path and trusting in those who have already walked it, I began to take my first steps. Now at home, I feel immense gratitude to those who have opened the doors of their home and soul to me, who have offered me everything they know and have selflessly taken care of me with affection and love and shown me the way to connect with the Supreme God. This has only just begun, and here starts the real journey; the journey inward, towards the reunion with oneself and with God. It is not a straight line, but discipline, constancy, meditation and connecting with oneself and being of service to Humanity by connecting with the supreme, is the direction to follow. Hare Krishna.”

It’s a beginning of our Bhakti Yoga Rishikesh -journey, but hopefully in the future many more sincere seekers will come in contact with us in creative ways and we can be of help and facilitate a platform for the heart’s transformation that Yoga is all about!

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