Madhvacharya Das

Lead Kirtaniya

Madhvacharya Das has been living in Rishikesh for the past five years, bringing people to the practice of Bhakti Yoga with his heart-opening kirtans. He was born in Mumbai and since the past 30 years Madhvacharya Das has been practicing Bhakti Yoga and dedicating his life to the deeper spiritual purpose as a monk and a member of Radha Gopinath Brahmachari Ashram (Monastery), at ISKCON Chowpatty, Mumbai. Madhvacharya Das is professionally qualified as a medical doctor, and before joining the monastic order, he worked in the field of medical practice in Mumbai.

As a Bhakti Yoga monk and the Lead Kirtaniya of Bhakti Yoga Rishikesh, Madhvacharya Das shares his love and devotion with the spiritual seekers from all over the world in form of kirtan, congregational chanting of the sacred mantras. His warm and loving mood and melodious voice full of devotion attract the seekers to inquire more and connect with the source. Madhvacharya Das is an experienced harmonium player and the tunes he plays and sings touch and transform the hearts of many.

Madhvacharya Das has also completed his 200hr YTTC (Yoga Teacher Training Course) from Sivananda Yoga. Living in the yoga capital of the world and interacting with the seekers from various backgrounds since many years, he understands the needs and the ways of people from different cultural backgrounds and combines his experience and knowledge in his soulful kirtans, creating space for deeper connection.

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