Holistic Therapist,
Hare Krsna Das has such an understanding and welcoming energy. He delivers wisdom authentically in a natural manner. Always, seeing and having the gift of expressing the truth. It is very apparent Hare Krsna Das is seasoned in his practice and studies. I feel blessed to have been in his presence.

Heidi has a beautiful way of expressing the true essence of empathy and devotion. She truly listens and understands the bridge between eastern and western philosophy. Heidi’s classes are peaceful yet powerful in the structure of sequence and what needs to be released from the body.

I truly feel a deep devotion, understanding and welcoming as authentic family every time I participate in their programs. The wisdom I receive truly bridges the ancient teachings of Bhagavad Gita and modern living. I will continue to enrol and participate in future classes. Forever grateful for all the support!
I have attended (my namesake) Heidi's yoga classes here in Levi, Lapland. Classes have had different aspects of yoga and yoga philosophy. Combination of all her knowledge of theory, experience & physical practice is one of a kind here in Lapland and I've learned a lot and found a welcoming place to learn and practise spiritually and physically.

Heidi introduced me to a study group where we have read, learned and discussed the Gita. We've been so lucky to have Hare Krsna Das as our teacher, as he has unique and personal way to connect with all of us, making it easier to understand the different parts of the Gita. Early days and still lots to go through but I'm so happy to be introduced to Gita with our teacher and a group, where there's space for different thoughts and interpretations, and where we all come together in the end.

Heidi has profound knowledge, clear way of teaching with easy to connect personality. Her guidance through her classes brings you to evolve in your practice.

Hare Krsna Das has great presence and wisdom. Discussions and atmosphere where it's easy to express your thoughts, doubts and epiphanies.

Heidi's yoga classes have introduced me to mantras & pranayama and the wholesome truth that is yoga. Brought me to whole new dimensions.

During our classes with Hare Krsna Das we've discussed everyday life examples and found reasons and connections to Gita's teachings. We have lived through losses in our study group and received support and understanding. We are all love. Kiitos!
Alice Anderson
Artist, Musician, Therapist,
Reading and studying the Bhagavad Gita has helped me to understand philosophy and the importance of leading a disciplined life. Hare Krsna Das is a very intelligent and competent teacher who breaks everything down so that it can be easily understood by learners of all abilities and levels. He helps you to understand complex philosophical principles and concepts easily. He creates a very comfortable learning environment.

Hare Krsna Das is a very approachable teacher and is very easy to talk to and discuss important topics with. He is never judgemental and is a very learned man with a lot of knowledge. I have learnt a lot from Hare Krsna Das over the years and he has helped me to understand the importance of leading a life of service and gratitude.
Reiki Master & Psychoanalyst,
Namaste! My name is Anastasia. I am from Russia.

I was lucky to have met Heidi Ji and take several Yin yoga classes in Rishikesh in October-November 2021 at the MVT Yoga Studio.

I’d like to thank the teacher for the beautifully organized classes, where I was able to practice a good stretch and deep relaxation. The classes were suitable for me, even though I was at my Second pregnancy trimester. Heidi Ji helped me to adjust yoga asanas according to my level of practice. She has had an individual approach to every student. I also loved the mantras she was playing during the classes. I highly recommend Heidi’s classes to everyone!

I especially loved Heidi’s bhakti approach to the yoga classes I have never experienced before. I am surely taking more classes from Heidi when I’m in Rishikesh next time.

Meeting Hare Krsna Das in Rishikesh I consider as a great honour for myself. I had an opportunity and luck to participate partly in Bhagavad Gita online classes held by Hare Krsna Das, and that was one of the greatest spiritual experiences in my life. It is the light I feel when I read Prabhupada's books, I experience when I communicate with Hare Krsna Das.

Thank you very much! Hare Krishna!
Yoga Teacher Student,
I’m a yoga teacher student from Finland. I started to study Bhagavad Gita online with Hare Krsna Das about a year ago. From the very beginning it felt very natural, easy and safe to study with him. It’s been easy to ask anything from him and I’ve begun to understand yoga philosophy more deeply. I’ve learned to trust in a Higher power through his words.

Hare Krsna Das explains all the texts very well and opens new point of views to a Western yoga teacher student. I’ve found his support very helpful and comforting during my yoga teacher studies. Hare Krsna Das has a great sense of humour and he understands a lot about other cultures. Even though the time is limited and the subject itself is not funny, we laugh quite a lot during the classes. He is clearly very interested about his students and cares how everyone is doing. I’ve never felt embarrassed if I don’t know something; I’ve asked and I’ve gotten an answer. My father passed away a few months ago. I got a great support from Hare Krsna Das and the group during that time. I thought: ”we are not these bodies, we are souls” and it helped me with my grief.

Heidi I’ve known for many years. She was my yoga teacher while still living in Finland. She is very wise, and she has studied yoga for thousands of hours. She is also very compassionate and understanding; if any complicated issues or thoughts rises in my life, I turn to Heidi and ask for her opinion and advise. I myself have started to teach yoga some months ago and Heidi has been a great help in planning the first steps and the way how to teach etc. She’s given me a lot of confidence and has supported my back since the beginning.

Can’t wait to study with you face to face! ❤️
I attended Heidi’s classes in Lapland, Finland, between 2016 and 2018. Heidi is a very serene and calm instructor who guides you through her classes in a very peaceful and devoted way. She is very empathetic and supportive in instructing her classes. Her classes are very holistic and all-encompassing experience, and they leave you stress-free and energized.

I have gained inner peace and tranquillity from Heidi's classes that helped me to cope with my everyday life.
Jessminka Tsakani Sharp
Yoga Instructor & School Teacher,
As a student of Hare Krsna Das, I felt an all-embracing approach. One in which each participant was of equal value. He spoke with eloquence & with his excellent use of the English language, articulated the teachings of The Bhagavad Gita in a clear & comprehensible manner.

As a practitioner of Yoga, my understanding encompasses mudra, mantra, asana, pranayama, meditation, devotional singing & reading of spiritual texts. Studying the Gita with Hare Krsna Das gave me the insight into how this text & the wisdom within it can serve to guide me in my daily life. The answers to many modern-day challenges are answered in the dialogue between Krishna & Arjuna.
Maritime Student & Ski and Swimming Instructor,
Finland & Estonia
I took my first yoga class in the 1990´s. I liked it, it was relaxing and an inspirational moment. Unfortunately, I did not have time for yoga during my “busy” years with children and work. In 2010's I joined yoga classes again with Heidi and the main thing for me was to get my body functioning again and to find some time for myself to do something without any pressure or performance stress and not needing to compete with anyone.

As a teacher Heidi is never in a hurry. She has time to teach and explain what is excepted to do. She gives options for various levels. For example, my knees have been operated six times because of my skiing accidents and I am not able to do everything, so it is good there are easier or more difficult options. Heidi is encouraging and supportive and during the classes I have the feeling I can and I could do more, which is helping me to learn more.

Atmosphere in the classes has been relaxing and warm. One of the best yoga experiences with Heidi has been in Levi, Lapland, Finland during wintertime. The class was on top of the stables and there were big windows through which we saw the northern lights (Aurora Borealis) and snow-covered fells, inside there were only a few candles and silence (only the horses neighed a few times). It was magical and enjoyable experience to practice yoga. For myself it is important I can relax during the lesson, it is not just an exercise, it is much more. The best part after a good yoga class is that you feel reincarnated. Both your body and soul are feeling good.

Sometimes Heidi’s classes are more physical and sometimes they are more relaxing, but always there’s the spirit to enjoy life and take a moment for yourself.
Yoga Teacher Student & Maritime Officer of Watch OOW,
Finland & Israel
I have been learning Bhagavad Gita alone and online with a group taught by Hare Krsna Das. Learning with a group has been a great experience; to understand the philosophy more deeply and to internalise the topics, as well as to see other viewpoints.

Hare Krsna Das is very clear and understandable with his teaching and the PowerPoints he uses add a lot of value to the topic. The pictures and the keywords help you to understand and remember different valuable points. The fact that we always have discussion about the topics also clears any doubts which is very good. After the class you always feel uplifted and energised from whatever situation you're in. That's the power of what Hare Krsna Das is transmitting in his teachings.

For me in my life to learn Bhagavad Gita has been truly important; to understand the teachings of Krishna in relation to everyday life and to understand the meaning of yoga and what is Bhakti yoga.

I am so thankful that I have this possibility to keep learning with such an experienced and good teacher as Hare Krsna Das is. I feel if I have any questions or situations of confusion, I can always turn to him, and he is always ready to help and give his time. He really has a good heart and becoming his student has been like a wonderful gift.
During the years I have taken part in a few yoga classes with Heidi on my holidays in Lapland, Finland. My experience in Heidi's classes has been grounding, I’ve gained clarity and she’s conducting the classes with good energy. In the classes there’s a sense of doing with enough effort. Thank you!

Through Heidi I started studying Bhagavad Gita online with our teacher Hare Krsna Das over a year ago. For me it has been a journey of unfolding this ancient book, layer by layer, starting from zero and slowly stepping up in my understanding. This journey of getting to know this old, ancient Vedic book, has been smooth, gentle and continuous. We’ve been studying and discussing these ancient texts and the teacher has been pointing out practical everyday examples, which has helped me to perceive the meaning in multiple ways.

Hare Krsna Das has a great attitude towards others; he is respecting everyone’s tiny voice during the classes. He’s been encouraging us to think bravely instead of repeating blindly. He's been putting in continuous effort to encourage us to ask questions.

Examples that Hare Krsna Das is giving based on these difficult, theoretic Vedic texts, have helped me in my understanding a lot. These examples are so down to earth, so they help me to relate and understand the essence of the words in Bhagavad Gita. As I am practicing Ayurveda in my daily life and doing consultations, to know about the ancient Vedic text, Bhagavad Gita, helps me to understand the whole concept of Ayurveda. Since they both go hand in hand together.

I want to thank my study group, since the harmony and respect among us is one very important factor in the overall experience. Hare Krsna Das has created such a good and trustful atmosphere for us. And when the group and the teacher breathe together in such a way, it leads to a wonderful and empowering feeling inside one's heart. I feel like I've got new friends now too.
My first real connection to yoga was through Heidi in Lapland. She was the only teacher whose classes I went to. The reason for me to be so picky was simple, she is an incredible yoga instructor. Her way of guiding the group is gentle, acceptable, and calming. She knows how to create a peaceful space, respecting everyone’s own path and making the atmosphere warm.

Heidi's smile and warmth made my mind and body join the universal movements even on a cold day. When I practice yoga on my own, I always try to get into the same feeling and atmosphere that I had during Heidi´s classes. People who get to go to her classes in India are lucky, I wish she would still be in Lapland. This is selfish thinking, but she has been the best yoga instructor I have ever met. Now, of course, this gives me a good reason to travel to India to get to go to her classes again.
Ant Dakini
Music Producer, Film Composer, Sound Engineer & Marine Ecologist San Diego,
Learning Gita has been an incredible journey. I am learning so much and the beauty of it is that it can be applied to my everyday life in full detail. I love the scientific approach that the Indian scriptures have. Things are not ‘inventions’ but they can be proved scientifically. I also love the fact that through the Gita I am learning a few words of Sanskrit which is a wonderful language.

The most prominent impression of Hare Krsna Das as a teacher is his knowledge, his good heart and his patience. He is very good at explaining every single text and he will explain in an easy and understandable way, giving extra examples in case something is not clear. What has touched me the most during the classes, is the unconditional Love that pours out of the teacher and the teachings and the beautiful energy that nurtures you and stays with you also during the following days.

The atmosphere created is peaceful and you feel a deep sense of union. A true feeling of Bhakti Yoga. You feel that the teacher is a liaison between you and Krishna. He is like a bridge to the infinite. My life has completely changed in a short time with these teachings. I was struggling with the hardship of daily life and with feelings of fear and anger a lot. Now everything that happens to me I know how to put in perspective and understand what is not aligned with Krishna and how I can correct my behaviours. I am developing a higher understanding of what is. Also, my union with Krishna is more solid every day thanks to the teacher and his teachings. It’s been a beautiful journey that I recommend to all.
The Netherlands & Finland
When I first started with Yoga, I saw it as an opportunity to increase my strength and flexibility to improve my sporting activities. Needless to say I was interested in Ashtanga Yoga, which is regarded as one of the most athletic forms of yoga. Luckily, Heidi was giving an introductory course in Ashtanga, and I was immediately drawn by the physical challenge. I can still remember the joy when I managed to do my first successful headstand. Guided of course by Heidi in a compassionate yet professional way.

However, as people will discover or already have discovered, yoga can be and is more than just performing the asanas correctly in a fixed order. Throughout the years and with patience Heidi has also introduced me to the more spiritual side of yoga as well as other forms of yoga. I have always enjoyed her classes tremendously and even if the class would have been full (as they often were), she always made sure she helped you along and guided you forward in a way suitable to your level. She somehow always made me feel special. Her teachings and presence are greatly missed here, but I am glad she can now reach an even greater audience for her teachings, and I am sure all her current and future students will be as delighted as we were in her home country of Finland.
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